IT and Cybersecurity

As part of our commitment to digitalization we could not forget Cybersecurity and Information Technologies.

At Grupo Balui we offer you a comprehensive service for your company, ensuring that your business complies with the GDPR, so that you can obtain the ISO 27001 Certification from Aenor, reinforcing the public image of your company by implementing effective mechanisms and controls to guarantee the protection of your customers’ data, thus increasing the transparency of your corporation.

We provide solutions that help you improve your company’s processes, improving collaboration and facilitating remote work, emphasizing cybersecurity as the basis for the proper functioning of your company.

We collaborate with the best

We like to offer the best possible service to our clients and this is only possible by collaborating with the best companies in the cybersecurity sector.

Our alliances mean putting the best security, monitoring and equipment control tools and software on the market within your reach.

We work with world leaders in IT security to provide you with the best threat prevention, detection and response solutions worldwide.

IT and Cybersecurity Services

Security Audit

An audit is essential to know the state of our equipment, networks and websites. With it we will be able to better adjust to your needs.

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There are different types of audits, the following are the ones we work on:

  1. Perimeter: they are performed from the outside to discover vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to enter.
  2. Internal: they allow us to know the status of the equipment and networks.
  3. WiFi: they allow to know the status of our wireless network.
  4. Code: allows detection of errors, bugs, backdoors and vulnerabilities.
  5. Web: web services are performed to see their vulnerabilities.

Web Security

In addition to
design your website
we will take care of keeping it secure to avoid exploiting possible vulnerabilities, as well as advising you on some aspects to avoid risks.

Cyber SOC

A CyberSOC is a Cybersecurity Operations Center capable of monitoring, detecting, containing and responding to cybersecurity events and incidents.


We offer you one of the best anti-malware software solutions on the market with Acronis technology to detect and repel any anomaly.