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The most effective solution to protect your company.

Balui Cyber Protect, powered by Acronis, is a comprehensive IT security solution designed to protect companies from cyber-attacks. It combines several advanced cybersecurity capabilities with data protection.

Balui Cyber Protect includes a wide range of features, such as anti-malware protection, threat detection and response, vulnerability scanning and patch management.

The solution also offers protection for endpoints, servers, mobile devices and cloud applications. With Balui Cyber Protect, companies can reduce the complexity of their security infrastructure, save time and money on security management and ensure business continuity in the event of a system outage.

Simple, effective and safe cyberprotection

With Balui Cyber Protect, the best cybersecurity tool thanks to Acronis technology, you can simplify your protection tasks through a single administration console, thus eliminating performance and compatibility problems, saving the time you would spend managing several cybersecurity tools.

Complete cyber protection


Balui Cyber Protect antimalware solution is a computer security software that includes protection tools against malware, viruses and other computer threats. This solution uses advanced threat detection technology to protect users’ systems from any type of malware that could damage or compromise the integrity of their data.

The antimalware solution provided by Balui Digital includes a set of tools, such as real-time scanning, scheduled scans and cleanup tools, which enable the detection and removal of malware from users’ systems. It also includes tools for managing security policies and configuring security rules.

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Forget about spam, phishing or malware

Email Security

Balui Cyber Protect’s Email Security is an email security solution that helps protect businesses against threats such as spam, phishing, malware and other forms of cyber attacks that spread through email.

This solution uses advanced threat detection and analysis technology to scan inbound and outbound emails, as well as attachments and links, to identify and block any potential threats. It also has policy management and security rule configuration tools to ensure that security policies are tailored to the needs of the business.

In addition, the Email Security provided by Balui Digital has additional features that enhance security, such as email encryption, email authentication and protection of sensitive data in emails.

Avoid security breaches

Patch Management

Balui Cyber Protect’s Patch Management is a patch management solution that allows companies to manage and update operating systems and software applications in their IT environments. This solution automates the process of applying security patches and updates, which helps improve system security and reduces the risk of security breaches.

Patch Management scans systems for vulnerabilities and security gaps and provides recommendations on necessary patches and updates. It also automates the download, testing and deployment of patches and updates, reducing the time and resources required to keep systems up to date.

In addition, Patch Management provides detailed reports on the status of patches and updates, helping companies to maintain a complete overview of their system security.

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Protect your company now

12,99/month + VAT

Total Protection Pack

Antimalware + Patch Management + Email Security

4,99/month + VAT

Basic Protection

Advanced AI-based antimalware

8,99/month + VAT

Antimalware + Email Security Pack

The ideal solution to protect you from external threats

8,99/month + VAT

Antimalware + Patch Management

Prevents information leaks and external threats

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