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At Balui Digital, we are distributors of the best DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solutions for freelancers and SMEs.

If you are a business owner and handle sensitive information, you cannot afford to lose it through carelessness.

What is DLP?

DLP is an information security technology that helps you protect your data. It is a set of tools that allow you to identify, control and protect the confidential information you handle in your company.

¿Qué es DLP?
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Why should you buy a DLP solution?

Hiring a DLP solution is essential to ensure the security of your business. Some of the reasons why you should consider it are:

Your company’s confidential information is an important asset to protect. DLP helps you detect, control and protect the information you manage in your business.

DLP solutions also help you comply with legal regulations regarding data protection.

By having a DLP solution in place, you reduce the risk of data loss due to human error or external attacks.

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We are distributors of DLP solutions

At Balui Digital, we specialize in the sale and implementation of DLP solutions for freelancers and SMEs. We have a team of experts that will help you select the best solution for your company and will provide you with technical support at all times.

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