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Ciberseguridad para empresas
Nacho Baile

Enterprise Cybersecurity

Across commercial, industrial, healthcare, education and government sectors, cybersecurity has become a major concern for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Due to cybersecurity vulnerabilities, many companies have been attacked by hackers or have been subject to data breaches.

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Digital Marketing
Nacho Baile

Metricool, the best tool

If you are looking for a tool that allows you to analyze, manage and measure the performance of all your digital content in one place, Metricool is the tool you need.

From the planning of your publications in social networks to the management of your ads in Google Ads and Facebook Ads, including complete analytical reports that will help you understand and analyze the health of your digital project, with Metricool you can centralize everything in a single control panel.

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Nacho Baile

Shopify or Woocomerce Which one is better for you?

When you consider opening an online store, many questions arise with an endless list of options: Which hosting provider to choose? which domain to buy? which theme to choose? what name will my store have? and so on and so on for hours, days or even weeks.

One of those crucial questions we face is the question of Shopify or Woocomerce?

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Social Networking
Nacho Baile

Linktree, Campsite or Milkshare Which is the best alternative to boost your link in the bio?

Optimizing that single link to show your audience everything you have to offer is critical to your business strategy. For this reason, many companies have emerged on the Internet that are dedicated only to create spaces where you can publish your most important links. A kind of landing pages to agglutinate links to several websites or several urls within the same website and that you can customize with your brand.

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