Balui Drive

Cloud storage for SMBs and Freelancers

Surely in your personal environment you use some cloud storage service, such as Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox, either to store photos and free up space on your cell phone or to save personal documents and access them from any device and place.

But have you ever wondered where all the information you upload to the cloud is stored? Would you entrust your customers’ data to external companies without really knowing how all this information is treated?

With Balui Drive your data and those of your customers will always be protected in servers located in Zaragoza, Spain, complying with all the guarantees and data protection regulations of the European Union.

Security and Confidentiality

For a company, even more than for an individual, the issue of data security is essential. What would happen if sensitive company or customer data were lost, destroyed, corrupted or fell into the wrong hands?

Freelancers, SMEs and other businesses need a cloud storage service to manage their data that strictly complies with the Data Protection Regulation to avoid exposing themselves to potential multimillion-dollar lawsuits.

Balui Drive is the perfect solution for your business and guarantees security and confidentiality .

almacenamiento ilimitado en la nube
nube multidispositivo

Synchronize and share with your team

Balui Drive offers you the possibility of having all your company’s information centralized and synchronized in real time with all your team.

Increase your team’s productivity with Synology Office collaborative applications.

Work from anywhere and at any time.

Balui Drive facilitates teleworking, allowing your team not to miss any update, wherever they are.

Features of Balui Drive

Unlimited Storage

The only cloud that offers unlimited storage for only 7 euros + VAT per user per month.


Collaborative applications allow you to create documents and share them with your team so they can edit them in real time.


Install Balui Drive applications on all your devices and keep your documents updated and safe.


Access files seamlessly from desktop and mobile platforms.

Access from anywhere

Work from home, from the beach or from the mountains... Connect from anywhere in the world.

Data Center in Spain

Your data is stored on servers located in Spain. They will never leave the European Union.


We make backup copies of our servers so that you lose absolutely nothing in case of technical failures or catastrophes.

Simple and Intuitive

Balui Drive's user interface is designed to make everything very easy to use.

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Okay, very well... But,

How long will I have to wait to get my website ready?

That’s a good question, isn’t it? Well, the bad news is that I can’t give you an answer right now. I’m sorry, but creating well-done web pages takes time. And that’s what we do at Grupo Balui, quality SEO optimized websites .

If you want to have a sloppy website, I could have it ready in half an afternoon, but if that’s what you want, you’d better find another designer. We will take at least a week to present you the first model so that you can tell us if you like the work and the chosen approach or if you want to give it a twist. And that’s for a basic website, 4 or 5 pages. The typical contact pages, who we are, what we do… apart from the home page, of course.

If your website is more complex, it is possible that we can take a month to present you a final project to your liking, fully functional and that meets all the requirements. In any case our design team will always be in contact with you and will keep you updated on the status of the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, UX (User Experience) refers to the way users interact with a product or service. On the other hand, UI (User Interface) is focused on the visual part.

In this sense, if UX focuses on knowing the needs of users and satisfying them, achieving a result that is beneficial to them, UI is responsible for making this result visually attractive.

In this way, we can understand that both must go hand in hand, since a beautiful design is useless in the eyes of the client if it does not satisfy his needs. Therefore, the ultimate goal of UX/UI design is that the user enjoys the product.

The User Interface allows an intuitive navigation of the website, because even the most beautiful site won't satisfy visitors if you can't navigate it correctly.

  • UI or also called User Interface, refers to the creation of the interface, which can be graphical or developed by technologies such as HTML, CSS, YUI, jQuery, etc.
  • UX or User Experience refers to the usability of a certain website from the perspective of the user who visits it.