Hello! I’m Nacho, co-founder of Grupo Balui and I would like to tell you how I started in the internet world at a very young age.

The web, my adolescent passion

My first steps in the network were when the router made a noise of a thousand demons and you had to wait for your mother to stop talking on the phone with your grandmother to be able to connect, it would be around 1998 or 1999, and I was 14 or 15 years old.

But there I was, creating my web pages from the only computer I had at home, a Pentium II that had just replaced my first computer, the Intel 486, which for me were truly prodigious machines.

I remember that my curiosity about computers provoked my father’s ire every so often; he was always touching keys and clicking where he shouldn’t have. But that’s how I learned my way around computers.

Well yes, I was also enrolled in extracurricular computer classes, in which I was taught to use MS-DOS, Windows 3.1 and to use chats, such as the famous Terra or IRC-Hispano, but the truth is that I learned the most on my own. With the classic trial/error method.

Diseño Web Optimizado SEO

My first website was called “El Rincón de Nacho”, I designed it using Microsoft Frontpage and uploading the files with Filezilla, a veteran that I still trust every day.

Although that first web page I designed was not even seen by my father, I remember it with great affection since it was a kind of personal diary, a mix between a personal blog and a news bulletin, in which I even offered my visitors the weather forecast and a forum in which nobody ever wrote.

Despite not receiving visits I never lost my enthusiasm and my desire to learn increased every day and I started to play with Google Adwords, the beginnings of the beastly advertising machine that Google has now become.

But my heart was not yet in the world of the “www”, at that time it was a distraction, a hobby. My true passion had always been to join the Guardia Civil and I did not stop until I achieved it in 2006.

My years of service

Well, in 2006 I passed the competitive examination and I went with all my illusion to the Civil Guard Academy, until 2008 when I finished my training.

My first destination was the island of Mallorca and I fell in love with this land so much that I am still here 15 years later.

Yes, I know that you are not interested in my life, that you are here for the help I can offer you for your business, but I already told you that I believe that if at some point you decide to put a part of your business in our hands, it is very important that you know why Grupo Balui is here.

Obviously I’m not going to tell you my anecdotes of the service or anything like that, I’ll tell you that over a cup of coffee one day.

But what I do want you to know is that during these years I have been trained in Law and Criminology at the University of Zaragoza and the National University of Distance Education (but no, I have not graduated, the truth up front).

In addition, I have taken many trainings and courses on computer crime and cybersecurity, in fact, I have been dedicated to the investigation of computer crimes, among others, for almost a decade.

As you can see, even though I joined the Guardia Civil, I have never abandoned my teenage hobby, but rather I have encouraged it and applied it to my professional career, acquiring even more experience.

My beginnings in E-Commerce

I’m sure you’ve heard of Shopify before, right? Well, just in case, I’ll quickly tell you what it is.

Shopify was created in 2004 and arrived in Spain in 2008. It is a CMS platform (Content Management System) with which you can create a fully operational online store without the need for programming knowledge.

Well, in 2008 there I was, biting my nails, waiting for it to land in Spain to create my first online store.

To be honest, I don’t even remember what name I gave it, because it was a simple experiment. You know, I love to discover and find out on my own.

comercio electrónico

At that time I started selling swimsuits by dropshipping.

The truth is that it was not very successful. I was selling something, but at that time I hardly knew anything about commerce, marketing strategies or SEO and of course, the visits were very low and sales were almost nonexistent, until I decided to close it out of boredom. It might even be closed for abandonment.

But that was my first contact with e-commerce and, from then on, my interest in this branch of the “www” grew and I was left with a thorn in my side.

I started to read and inform myself little by little, but I never decided, due to lack of time, to launch myself again into entrepreneurship.

Until the damn pandemic hit….

When we were locked up at home in March 2020 I was bored out of my mind and spent many hours in front of the computer and TV. And there was something I kept hearing. Internet sales kept growing day after day.

I decided to take advantage of the time I was spending in front of the computer and I reopened the account I had with Shopify since 2008, it had not yet been deleted…

On May 1, 2020 I had my new online store open and two days later I was already taking orders. I am not exaggerating.

This new project was called Balui Home and I signed contracts with dropshipping suppliers in Europe, reaching a catalog of more than 35,000 items for sale.

But the competition on the internet is brutal and I needed help, so I saw an ad on Facebook from a Digital Marketing expert, Maria Juan, and I started working with her. I joined her entrepreneurship club and thanks to her advice, biweekly group video calls and classes from experts in different subjects that she managed for us, I began to apply new strategies in Balui Home that little by little were giving results.

With Balui Home I learned, and continue to learn, a lot about e-commerce, digital marketing, SEO, email marketing, new techniques in web design, customer service and everything that comes with being the director of an e-commerce.

Whoever promises you that your online store is going to turn over thousands of euros in a month if you pay him 350 euros for a course of chicha y nabo, is lying to you like a villain.

And no, I didn’t get rich with my online store either if that’s what you think. In fact, right now the Balui Home store is closed because I have decided to dedicate myself 100% to this new project, Grupo Balui.

Grupo Balui

The birth of Grupo Balui

During the meetings of the entrepreneurs club I realized that what I really liked was to help my colleagues to improve their online stores, so I decided to train and obtain sufficient qualifications that would allow me to launch a new Digital Consulting project, which was called NB Online, the embryo of Grupo Balui.

With Digital Consulting I felt that I was fully developing my passion for the internet, e-commerce and web design, helping other entrepreneurs like you to realize their dreams by showing them everything I have learned along the way.

Still, I felt that something was missing… I needed to offer something more, something that no other Marketing Consultancy or Agency offered. And, talking with my brother Luis, who had just finished his training as a cybersecurity technician, we found the key: to transform NB Online into a Digital Services Agency that would encompass Marketing, Web Design and Cybersecurity.

At the beginning of 2022 we started working side by side to offer the best services at the best possible price until we launched the final project, in collaboration with large companies in the digital sphere and freelancers.

Why Balui?

Balui’s name is simply a combination of the names Ignacio (Nacho) and Luis, the brothers’ last name, “Baile”.

Balui = Ba (Baile) + Lu (Luis) + I (Ignacio)

Now that you know who we are and know our origins, I just want to thank you for visiting us and I hope you decide to trust us to improve the online presence of your business and boost your sales.

With love,

Ignacio Baile