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If you are looking for a tool that allows you to analyze, manage and measure the performance of all your digital content in one place, Metricool is the tool you need.

From planning your social media posts to managing your Google Ads and Facebook Ads, to comprehensive analytics reports that will help you understand and analyze the health of your digital projectWith Metricool you will be able to centralize everything in the same control panel.

What is Metricool used for?

With Metricool you will have real-time control of everything that happens on your website and you will know at all times the success of your publications on social networks:

🟢 Find out how your content is performing by monitoring your website or blog.

  • You will be able to know which pages are most visited and how much time users spend on each of them.
  • You will know from where visitors come to your website or blog.
  • At what time do users enter your website?

Without knowledge in web analytics you will know in detail the metrics of your website to make the best decisions.

🟢 Analyze your social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitch, YouTube or LinkedIn.

🟢 Perform an analysis of your competition on the main social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube.

🟢 Analyze the performance of your digital marketing campaigns on Facebook Ads, Google Ads and TikTok Ads.

How does Metricool work?

The first thing you have to do is register on their website. You will not have to install anything on your computer, but if you wish, you can download the mobile application to take control of your website wherever you are.

Start by registering here

Complete analysis of your website or blog metrics

By connecting your website to Metricool through a code tag you can analyze everything that is happening on your website in real time or in periods of up to 90 days.

Web metrics with metricool

Observe the evolution of the visits to your page or blog, from which countries they read you and through where the users reach you.

In the section of Real Time you can analyze what is happening at any given moment on your web page: 

🟢 Number of people currently active.

🟢 From which countries and cities your content is being viewed.

🟢 What pages are they entering.

🟢 From which devices they access your website.

You will then be able to optimize the necessary decisions to improve your website.

Manage your social media strategy from Metricool

So far everything would be the same as Google Analytics, but with Metricool you can organize your entire social media strategy from the same platform: planning, analysis and reporting.


Planning your social media posts is critical to the success of your strategy without breaking the bank every day. With Metricool’ s visual planner you will be able to:

🟢 Plan your publications in advance (weekly, monthly, biweekly, yearly…) and you will save time to focus on other tasks.

🟢 Add images, videos, emojis or GIFs. You can even schedule Instagram Stories from Metricool.

🟢 Select the best times to post on each social network. Metricool analyzes your audience to advise you on what time you should publish to get more views and interactions.

🟢 Preview your Instagram feed when planning content to see how it will look on your wall.

Metricool Publication Planner

Connect your blog’s RSS feed with Metricool and generate automatic publications in your Social Networks every time you publish a new article.  

Connect your Blog's RSS feed with Metricool
Analyze the performance of your posts on social networks

In addition to planning your social media content, with Metricool you can analyze the status of your social networks with detailed analytics organized in three sections:

  • Growth of your community: You will know the number of followers, their evolution and their demographic data (age group, country, gender and city).
  • Publications: individually analyze the performance of each social network and each post to find out which ones work best.
  • Analysis of your competition: beat your competition by analyzing their strategy, profiles and posts, learning from their content and getting ideas for your posts.
Analyze the results of your publications

Measure the performance of your online advertising

With Metricool you will also be able to know how your ads are performing in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads.


Connect your Facebook Ads account to Metricool and start creating your ads and campaigns from your Control Panel.

Manage the performance of your ads and analyze them with Metricool charts.


You will be able to create your own ads, manage them in real time and measure performance, all from Metricool.


Connect your Tiktok advertising account with Metricool and analyze in your Control Panel all the information about your marketing campaigns in this social network.

Other Metricool functionalities


Improve your Instagram bio with Metricool’s Smartlinks, the new alternative to Linktree and Campsite. Manage all your links in a single tool.

Direct your Instagram followers to a page with links to your most important content. 

Samrtlinks Metricool


With Metricool you will be able to analyze:

  • Any hashtag on Instagram
  • Hashtags, keywords, or user profiles at Twitter

This functionality allows you to analyze the impact of an event through its hashtag and to encourage the participation of users in social networks.

How much does Metricool cost?

You can start completely free, which is more than enough if you only manage one brand. But if you need more features or manage several brands you will need to upgrade to the paid version, from 15€/month.
Now that you know what Metricool is and how it works, register here:

And best of all, hiring my web design service, I include the registration and configuration of your Metricool account so you can control your project from minute zero.

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