Online Consulting

Entrepreneurship has never been easy, and starting a digital business is not a bed of roses. Be wary of those internet gurus who sell you success and millionaire profits without even lifting a finger. To be successful on the Internet, as in any business, you have to work hard and follow some guidelines.

The success of your project depends on many factors such as the market situation, the quality of your product or service, the financing… But what any entrepreneur or freelancer needs to get their business off the ground, in addition to their incalculable effort and hours of work, is to be advised by experts who have been through the same situation before.

At Grupo Balui we have professionals who have gone through all the stages of creating a digital business and we know what we are talking about. That is why we have launched our Online Consulting service for SMEs and freelancers.

We guide you in the digitization of your business

We offer you 1-hour online consulting sessions in all the fields that affect the digital transformation of your company.

Whether you have a traditional business that wants to make the leap to the Internet, as if it is a new project of which you only have the idea, we will advise you on all aspects necessary to define the digitalization strategy of your company.

Online Web Design Consulting

Which domain to buy? What extension is best? Where do I host my website?, How do I do the design?

If you want to build your own website but don't know where to start, book a consulting session with one of our experts now.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Don't know how to attract potential customers, Don't know how to set up Facebook Ads, Need help with Google Ads...?

With our Consulting service we help you to manage these tools and we advise you to define the best strategies.

Online SEO Consulting

Do you have no visitors on the web? Your website is not appearing in Google, do you need more visibility for your business...?

We review your website and guide you to solve the problems that are affecting the visibility of your website on Google.

E-Commerce Consulting

What is Dropshipping, How do I increase my sales, What is Shopify, How do I increase my sales?

We will help you solve these questions and many more during a one-hour conversation via videoconference or phone call.

Online Cybersecurity Consulting

Do you need to improve the security of your IT equipment but you don't know how to do it, do you think your website has been attacked, do you think your information has been stolen ...?

Book a consulting session with our cybersecurity expert and we will guide you on the best solutions to make your company safe.

Consultoría Online