Digital Marketing Consulting

My website does not generate customers 😭

Every day we meet clients who come to our Digital Marketing Consultancy because their website does not receive enough traffic and, therefore, does not attract customers for their business.

If you are in this situation you have come to the right place. We can help you define digital marketing strategies and advertising actions to achieve the goals you have set for your company.

We offer you a service of customized digital marketing consulting to guide you to create your Digital Marketing Plan and to be able to handle tools such as the Facebook ad manager or the Google Ads control panel and you can manage your advertising campaigns completely independently.

What will we talk about?

Where do I host my website?

We will recommend the best web hosting services based on your needs.

Which domain to buy?

We will give you some tips on how to choose the best domain name and extension for your project.

CMS or Proprietary Coding?

Depending on the needs of your project we will recommend you to use a CMS such as WordPress, Shopify or Wix.

Which web editor is better?

There are many editors for creating impressive websites, but which one is right for you?

What plugins will I need for my website?

Depending on the use you are going to give to your website, you will need functionalities that you can only get through plugins.

Canva, Prezi or Photoshop?

We will guide you in choosing the best software to design your web images, animated gifs and videos.

When booking your session, write us all the questions you want to ask us and we will be able to solve all your doubts about web design.

Consultoría Online

How much does Digital Marketing Consulting cost?

We value time very much, both yours and ours. That’s why we only want to work with people who are truly committed to their business or digital projects.

For a meeting to be productive, it must be prepared and this requires time and dedication, in many cases exclusive.

Only 57 €.


And, at Grupo Balui, after a long time, we have understood one of the company’s maxims: even the smallest effort requires a reward.

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