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Why is my website not showing up in Google? 🚀

This and other typical SEO questions are the ones that we will solve in just one hour of online SEO consulting, with our specialist in search engine optimization strategies.

We will perform an express SEO audit on your website to detect the main errors that are affecting the positioning of your website and we will guide you so that you can solve them with your own means.

Although it is always advisable to count on the experience of an SEO consultant, we know that it is not cheap. SEO consultant who applies the right techniques, we know that it is not something cheap and that is why we want to give you the opportunity to do it on your own, applying some basic SEO guidelines.

What will we talk about in SEO Consulting?

How to do SEO in WordPress?

We will quickly explain you all the secrets to optimize your WordPress SEO in a simple way.

How to do SEO on Shopify?

SEO on Shopify? Yes, it is possible. And it is much simpler than some SEO consultants or webmasters think. We will explain you all the SEO tricks on Shopify.

How to improve SEO on Wix?

If you are looking for how to do SEO on Wix to achieve a good ranking on Google, you have to book your session now. We will give you some simple SEO tips for Wix.

How do you work with On Page SEO?

Working SEO in-house is something every website owner should know to avoid getting ripped off.

What is Linkbuilding and how is it done?

We will tell you about useful linkbuilding tools and tricks without spending a fortune.

Analytical tools

We will teach you the basics of Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Trends and some other applications that should not be missing on your computer.

When booking your session, write us all the questions you want to ask us and we will be able to solve all your doubts about web design.

Consultoría Online

How much does SEO Consulting cost?

We value time very much, both yours and ours. That’s why we only want to work with people who are truly committed to their business or digital projects.

For a meeting to be productive, it must be prepared and this requires time and dedication, in many cases exclusive.

Only 57 €.


And, at Grupo Balui, after a long time, we have understood one of the company’s maxims: even the smallest effort requires a reward.

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